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Why choose isotom® and saltom?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Isotom® and saltom contain ingredients of the highest quality, they do not contain unnecessary dyes, artificial sweeteners or unnecessary auxiliary substances such as silicon dioxide, which are often used by other companies. The flavors used in these products are the best on the world market and come 100% from the corresponding fruit (orange or lemon). Blood orange products actually contain blood orange in the form of an extract rich in phenolic compounds useful in counteracting oxidative stress and protecting the skin from photoaging.

The careful and dedicated production allows you to have allergen-free products


Isotonics are used during sports to provide water, energy and mineral salts.

Isotom® is formulated to be well tolerated even during the most demanding activities. The effectiveness of the products has been tested on active athletes in various disciplines.

Magnesium and potassium salts

Saltom does not contain artificial sweeteners which are useless for the athlete or even harmful. The need to often take mineral salts to supplement those lost during intense physical activity, makes it necessary to choose a product that is as natural as possible and free of unnecessary substances. Saltom has an excellent flavor thanks to the aromas 100% extracted from citrus fruits and is added with simple Swiss sugar. In this way, the athlete avoids ingesting substances that are particularly criticized today, such as artificial sweeteners, dyes or useless additives.

A recent review (2021) concludes that 60% of Western adults have a magnesium deficiency. Saltom is the most natural possible way to integrate magnesium and potassium in case of deficiency due to poor intake in nutrition or in case of increased need, for example in elite sportsmen

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