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isotom® Refill

Isotom® is a powder to be dissolved in water based on carbohydrates and mineral salts for the preparation of an isotonic drink. During sporting activities it is useful to be able to carry a refill with you so that you can easily prepare the drink just before use by simply adding the contents of the bottle (35 g) to 500 ml of drinking water, instead of carrying the whole bag with you.

The sealed refill (distributed as sample) has an expiry date of only 4 months as the material of the bottle is light and practical but does not guarantee the same barrier to humidity compared to the original product in the bag.

Once used, it is recommended to wash the bottle and cap carefully with water, allowing them to dry perfectly before the next refill. The seal and label are eliminated and the bottle is thus practically infinitely reusable simply by purchasing the bag and using it as a refill to take with you during activities!

I wish you beautiful adventures!!

Thomas Schwitter

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